The Business of Medical Bill Negotiating
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The Process

In order for MDPromptPay to negotiate your prompt payment medical bill discount, you will need to do:

               1. Sign In
               2. Choose the Type of Negotiating Option: Team Up or Negotiate Now
               3. Enter your medical bill information
               4. Pay MDPromptPays processing fee
               5. Send us a copy of your medical bill

*There are two negotiation options to choose from:

The "Team Up" negotiation.
Your medical bill information will be submitted to the provider within 30 days with those of other patients who also have outstanding bills from the same provider. This is a cumulative list so new customers may be added to the list over time. If a provider does not agree to a discount during the initial negotiation MDPromptPay will re-send an updated list each month until the negotiation is complete, or you tell us to remove the statement from the list.

The "Negotiate Now" negotiation.
Just as it sounds, your statement will be submitted immediately and negotiated for you individually.

The Negotiation Process

Once MDPromptPay receives your processing fee payment and a copy of your medical bill we will begin the negotiation process by contacting your provider to discuss a prompt payment discount.

A prompt payment discount means that you agree to pay the provider the new negotiated discount amount within 14 days after the negotiation is finalized and the provider agrees to apply that payment to the bill as paid in full and further agrees to stop any collection and credit reporting activities, if applicable. If you don't pay the new amount within 14 days the provider may cancel the discount and ask for the full amount billed.

Throughout the negotiation process you will be notified of the negotiation status by e-mail and you will have the ability to review the negotiation status of all your medical bills online.

Completed Negotiation

MDPromptPay will send you and e-mail when the negotiation is completed informing you to print off the negotiation letter that contains all the prompt payment provisions and new amount due. Simply print the letter and send it with your payment to the provider.

Letter of Agreement

With either negotiation approach, we produce a letter of agreement for you outlining the terms of the discount which is signed by the provider. Having a signed letter of agreement is essential to ensure that the discount is honored. If the provider later attempts to collect more than the agreed upon amount, there is a signed document in place that can be used to enforce the discount.

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