The Business of Medical Bill Negotiating
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Our Processing Fees

MDPromptPay's fee structure is simple. MDPromptPay charges a one-time processing fee for each medical bill submitted for negotiation. This non-refundable processing fee allows us to focus on the customer's needs and to deliver the best service and results possible. No additional fees are due!

There are two types of negotiations to choose from: 'Team Up' or 'Negotiate Now'. For each medical bill submitted the processing fee is:

Team Up: $29.99.

Negotiate Now: $59.99.

What is included in this negotiation fee?

You defer collection calls: Once a bill is submitted and you pay the negotiation fee, MDPromptPay will contact the provider and make every effort to negotiate the best discount possible. If you get a call from a provider or collection agency, send those calls to us. We keep the negotiation window open for 90 days.

Everything is in writing: MDPromptPay utilizes a legal binding agreement that must be signed by the provider when the negotiation discount is completed. The agreement includes all the details of the negotiation which may be used to enforce the terms of the agreement.

Prompt Communication: MDPromptPay keeps you informed of all the steps along the way. From beginning to end, you will know where we are in the negotiation process.

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